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Our crew members

A big thank you to the volunteers who have supported us to date...

Charles Barber
"Everyone on our planet is a stakeholder in the oceans. Switzerland as a country is connected to the oceans by way of trade, commerce, and ecosystem. I conceived 
Switzerland for the Oceans as a vehicle to share and develop that understanding.”

Claudia Heck 
"I care about the world we live in - its richness, diversity and fragility. I love working with people and making things happen - especially those I did not know were within my reach. Switzerland for the Oceans gives me both, working on something that's bigger than me, with a great group of people. Together, we can make a difference - day by day. When are you going to join us?” 


Tim Mueller

“Having grown up in the Swiss mountains, I only started sailing in 1999 on a 15 meter-Class boat in Monaco. Since that time, I have spent all my summers by the sea or the ocean and I have already seen a lot of changes. However, it is still possible to make a positive impact on Ocean Vitality and I’m willing to play my part."

Howard Brundrett 
"I would like to support Switzerland for the Oceans because I do believe that mankind is slowly destroying her environment and the sea is no exception. Pollution of many kinds, overfishing and destruction of habitat are huge issues, the seas need all the support that they can get. If many people can make a small difference for the good then perhaps that will add up to a larger impact on the health of the oceans. I hope to make my small difference.”

Thomas Trienbacher 
“I am a passionate surfer and ocean lover and had to witness in many occasions around the world that the ocean is swamped with plastics. I wanted to support protecting our oceans also when I am back in landlocked Switzerland, therefore I joined Switzerland for the Oceans and am supporting our organisation in co-ordinating all of our communications.”

Luchia Mallet
“I support Switzerland for the Oceans because I am an ocean lover and I believe it is our responsibility to save our oceans. We only have one planet and we are running out of time. Let’s collectively work together to raise ocean conservation awareness and protect our marine ecosystems. It is our moment for action!”

Monika Flitner 
"As a diver I can only emphasize how important it is to keep the oceans healthy and clean. None of the wonderful creatures, be it animals or plants, should be harmed by pollution. Finding shocking reports about plastic pollution and its consequences 
I want to communicate issues and ways of improvement and fight for ocean awareness. I am happy to have joined Switzerland for the Oceans to work for and care about our oceans” 


Samane Sadeghian

"I fell in love with nature and marine wildlife during my childhood trips to the Caspian Sea. Later on, my studies in Marine Biology and Agro-Food Science made me conscious of the negative consequences of human actions on marine environment. I believe that every single living-being is connected, vulnerable, valuable… like a drop in a big ocean. Only together we can survive. Joining Switzerland for the Oceans gives me this opportunity to work with others towards the well-being of marine environment and all its beautiful creatures."


"When I am asked what I miss most about my home country, the answer is always the ocean. As a scuba diver, the ocean means to me beauty, inspiration, meditation, and feeling a strong the connection with it. As a living being, the ocean means life. It is imperative that we act to preserve our ocean from the devastating impacts of overfishing, pollution and climate change."



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