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Aeolian Islands

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Beautiful, picturesque, paradise. We are supporting the conservation efforts of the Blue Marine Foundation in the Aeolian islands.


The Aeolian islands, an archipelago north of Sicily, are home to some of the world’s most stunning landscapes. With their secluded black-sand beaches against a postcard backdrop of volcanoes and lush vegetation, it is no wonder the islands attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.


The islands are also the home of many creatures – bottlenose dolphins, loggerhead turtles, sperm whales and there are various species of fish that thrive in the Aeolian waters.



However, the Aeolian Islands are in danger.

Increasing tourism, excessive illegal over-fishing, abandoned stray nets and other man-made phenomena are destroying the habitats of marine species and causing their numbers to decline.


Through close monitoring, regulation, and preservation of this land, they aim to protect the area and its rich biodiversity.


You can read more about the project, in collaboration with the Aeolian Island Preservation Fund on Blue Marine Foundation’s website.







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