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Ocean Vitality Forum 2018

Participant Commentary

Guest Speakers


" Thank you again for your excellent Ocean Vitality Forum yesterday.  The concept is brilliant and, as I said, it was a joy to know who the others were and therefore connect with relevant people.  It was also nice to be in a small group and the way you ran the panels was very effective. I look forward to the next one.  All the best, "

" “Oceans” is an extremely important theme (SDG14) within Impact Investment.  However it is difficult to approach from a for-profit point of view for many reasons, but by linking the themes of “health” and “consumption” to “oceans” you begin to find investment opportunities that directly and indirectly impact the “oceans” positively.  The Ocean Vitality Forum is a perfect forum to explore the solutions we so urgently need to restore the vitality of our oceans through honest dialogue, exchange of expert knowledge and personal experiences.  Thank you for starting this important discussion in Switzerland. "

" Thank you for a very interesting day yesterday, which left us all with new and mind provoking insights and a reminder that the conservation of our oceans is a matter of utmost importance and as well as urgency. 
 Your list of speakers was very impressive as was your time keeping, which is always very difficult.  
I think it's overall a great and much needed initiative.  
Thank you. "

" Many thanks again for the organisation of the event yesterday.  We often do not realise that several organisations, which are doing a great job for the oceans, are also based in Switzerland.  This forum set up was really great to help us communicate and why not, envisage future collaborations.  I have shared yesterday’s agenda with my colleague and director of our sustainable economy programme. Indeed, I have seen that there was an important engagement on plastics, which is also an important component of his portfolio of projects.  Maybe he would be interested to join next time. Looking forward to the next forum! "

" I just wanted to thank you for yesterday's event.  I really 
appreciated the format, and how open the small assembly was to 
honest discussion.  
I just have to admit that it was not very clear how the industry could 
get involved into the oceans world, which by definition is an unstable, unsure, remote and in some cases a very dangerous world.  The 
entire opposite of what economic and financial investors are looking 
for.  I believe that’s why there are so many philanthropic players in 
this field, which, of my personal opinion, still in 2018, is pure exploration. 
 Maybe for the next forum, it could be an idea to discuss how to help 
these philanthropic institutions to take these risks, acting like 
scouts, in order to survive financially and better improve the common 
knowledge on the ocean world. Even later for financial investors.  
Talk to you soon.  Good luck. "

" Thank you once again for inviting me to participate on your panel, as always after the event I thought of a multitude of ideas and words of wisdom to share.  I learned a lot and you and your team has inspired me to become more actively involved.  Can we talk some time next week? "

" Thanks again for organising the first Ocean Vitality Forum – it has been a pleasure to attend and to meet you there.  As promised I renew my offer to support you with Switzerland for the Oceans if it lies within my scope.  To this end I would second Natalie’s suggestion to meet.  I think it is the most efficient way to find out what your needs are and where I could be of any help.  Hope to hear from you! "

" I thoroughly enjoyed supporting the OCEAN VITALITY FORUM yesterday in Zurich.  It was a privilege and a pleasure to meet such interesting people. "

" Thank you for organising the event this week.  I think it worked out really well! I hope you are happy with the meeting?  Will you need any further follow up from me? 

" I want to associate myself with the thanks expressed and comments made by Daniela and Klaus-Michael, wanted to thank Charles and Timothy for the invitation and the opportunity to present, as well as getting to meet you all.  Chapeau to Carl Gustaf for a most effective moderation.

" Thank you Daniela for introducing me to the Ocean Vitality Forum and to SWITZERLAND FOR THE OCEANS.  I was very happy to be part of this new important initiative in Switzerland.  I fully support it and hope to be helpful in developing a constructive dialog between finance and ocean issues for future meetings to come.  A big congratulation and thanks to you all. "

" Thank you again Charles and team for the lovely gift and thank you again to all speakers and thank you Carl Gustav for the great moderation and thank you for hosting us.  Was wonderful to be with everyone. "

Forum St. Peter Zürich : Image copyright René Dürr


Daniela Herrmann

Founder and Chairwoman of Topan.


Klaus-Michael Christensen

Founder and President of SIIA


Clare Brook

CEO of Blue Marine Foundation


Frank Schweikert

Founder of Deutsche Meeresstiftung


Darlene Hart

Founder and CEO of US Tax & Financial Services


Carl Gustaf Lundin

Director of IUCN's Global Marine and Polar Programme.


Nicolas Entrup

CEO of Shifting Values


Fabian Huwyler

Head of Green Solutions at Credit Suisse 


Charles Barber

Chairman, Ocean Vitality Forum

Chairman, Switzerland for the Oceans Verein

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