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An invited community of blue entrepreneurs, 
marine conservationists, foundations, and funders, come together to
generate ideas with impact and collaborate for ocean vitality.



Ocean Vitality Forum 2024/25

Date to be notified .. in-person, in Zürich.
The Ocean Vitality Forum is a meeting place for debate and learning, leading to action oriented outcomes with and between diverse yet complimentary stakeholders as collaborators.
The Ocean Vitality Forum is an invitation-only event.
We operate a genuine "forum" as we work to avoid a conference type event .. representatives on the 'floor' are as much involved with the debate as those invited to make a formal presentation .. participation across the floor is key.
The Ocean Vitality Forum welcomes all types of stakeholders with a proven connection to practical oceanic interventions be that in conservation or in commerce.
Your kind donation to support our effort in mobilising stakeholders for ocean conservation will be greatly appreciated.
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Why are we doing this?

The Ocean Vitality Forum is a platform for the diverse actors operating out of Switzerland who possess expertise and capability to improve ocean vitality around the globe.  The purpose of the Ocean Vitality Forum is to bring people together, to promote dialogue and debate, sharing of knowledge, enabling networking and encouraging synergy building opportunities.  Our aim is to reveal the potential for more effective impact if these organisations were to combine their knowledge and resources.


Who will be participating?

We have identified multiple organisations in Switzerland with a connection to the marine sector.  Attendance is by invitation only or available by request.  


Ocean Vitality Forums' 2018-2021

Review our earlier editions by using the drop down menu above.  


Thank you!

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