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Mediterranean monk seal

Mediterranean Monk Seals

Mediterranean Monk Seals

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The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is the initiator of a protection project for the Mediterranean monk seal launched in 2013.


The monk seal (monachus monachus) is one of the world’s most endangered species, having only around 500 left in the world. Threats to the population are two-fold, with seals suffering the negative effects of fishing as well as the overall destruction of their natural habitat.


Recent conservation projects headed up by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (PAIIF) in the Aegean sea, however, have seen promising results. Using the practices of Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) and Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), the projects aim to promote cooperation between local stakeholders and conservationists’ efforts in order to aid the recovery of the monk seal population.


These projects require funding in order to carry on. Switzerland for the Oceans is proud to support the efforts of PAIIF and their partners, including their collaboration in the Cyclades Life project, in the field of monk seal conservation in the Aegian region.


This video by Cyclades Life shows monk seals enjoying life in the area – let's help them continue!









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