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Why it matters

Things you can do
Things you can do to
save the ocean

Mind your carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption.

Make safe, sustainable seafood choices.

Use fewer plastic products.

Help take care of the beach.

Don't purchase items that exploit marine life.

Be an ocean-friendly pet owner. 

Support organisations working to protect the ocean (like us).

Influence change in your community.

National Geographic


In many ways this video with interview of fishermen on the Aeolian Islands, rather sums up our inspiration about what is important within the concept of “Ocean Vitality”.


World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

The reason our planet looks blue from space is that so much of it is the ocean.

There are so many reasons why we need to keep our oceans healthy. As well as being home to amazing wildlife, our oceans provide food for billions of people and income for millions.


United Nations

We are mobilised by a strong conviction that our ocean is critical to our shared future and common humanity in all its diversity. As leaders and representatives of our Governments, we are determined to act decisively and urgently, convinced that our collective action will make a meaningful difference to our people, to our planet, and to our prosperity.

Old Photograph Fishwives Sorting Fish Po
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