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Die Schweiz für die Ozeane
La Suisse pour les océans

La Svizra an afvur digls ozeans
La Svizzera per gli oceani

There are seven billion stakeholders for the oceans. They have common as well as conflicting interests.
Switzerland for the Oceans brings diverse influencers together so that individuals and organisations can explore innovation; forge new and practical solutions; and collaborate to make better use of shared knowledge and resources.

Operating without bias is central to what we do.
Our Ocean Café is a space where people can meet, learn and share. It's the essential forum for everyone who cares about Ocean Vitality.
It is open to diverse and contrasting interests and can unlock opportunities for resolution and growth.

Join us to collaborate

Meet, learn and share at the Ocean Café

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Why it matters

Habitat destruction, pollution of multiple kinds, and overfishing are destroying and or depleting the vitality of oceans.

Blurred people mingling
How we work

We bring together people - conservationists, scientists, philanthropists, and investors - who are willing to collaborate to address the challenges. 

What we do

 We are committed to Ocean Vitality; while we learn, share, find resources, and collaborate for positive social and environmental outcomes.

Switzerland for the Oceans is a not-for-profit Association (Verein) in accordance with the Schweizerisches Zivilgesetzbuch 
Projects we support today



Fundraising 2024

This programme aims to support the restoration of the balance of life in the ocean through the identification of Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs).  These areas will help whales thrive and, in doing so, support the ocean eco-system.  In fact, they go beyond only whales and take into account all 130 marine mammal species, including dolphins, porpoises, manatees, dugong, seals, sea lions, sea otters and polar bears.  It also results in concrete information for sustainable ocean use, allowing for more informed shipping operations and other maritime activities.



Zürich, dates to be advised 2024-5

Switzerland for the Oceans host an array of events directed for the interest of diverse stakeholders. Join our dialogue via The Ocean Café and or subscribe to our communication channel.

Our Story


Now it does feel that some time has passed since we first got round the table.
Look what's happened.


 The Ocean Vitality Forum is a perfect forum to explore the solutions we so urgently need to restore the vitality of our oceans through honest dialogue, exchange of expert knowledge and personal experiences.  Thank you for starting this important discussion in Switzerland.

Carl Gustaf Lundin

Marine and Polar Scientist


The support of Switzerland for the Oceans has strengthened the work of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, for the conservation of this safe haven, sheltering the densest population of
Monk seals in the world. 

Bernard Fautrier
Chargé de missions auprès du Ministre d'Etat

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation


Switzerland for the Oceans plays a vital convening role in bringing together those who are at the sharp end of delivering ocean conservation with those who are interested to learn more the challenges and successes of trying to protect the world’s oceans. 

Clare Brook

Blue Marine Foundation


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