Die Schweiz für die Ozeane

La Suisse pour les océans

La Svizra an afvur digls ozeans

La Svizzera per gli oceani

The oceans sustain all life. We depend on them for our survival.

We want to bring the blue economy, conservationists, and
people who care, together to promote Ocean Vitality.


Why it matters

Acidification, warming, 
habitat destruction, coastal pollution and overfishing are destroying the oceans.

Pink Sea

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to improving ocean health, but there are challenges which, if faced urgently, will allow the oceans to recover.

How we work
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Our aim is to create opportunities to develop shared understanding, deepen knowledge and foster support for common long-term goals.

We bring together people - like conservationists and the blue economy - who want to address the challenges. 

What we do
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We convene forums to drive debate, hold challenge events , and inspire volunteers and donors to raise funds

for conservation projects.

 We are 100% volunteers.

We give funds, organise forum and challenge events, and set
wheels in motion.


Projects we support today


Aeolian Islands

"In September we are starting a real push to make Salina (in the Aeolian Islands) plastic bag free. We getting the press behind this and making a real statement -  setting an example throughout the whole Mediterranean."


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Monk Seals

"The protection of the monk seal is not only an environmental issue, but a social and economic issue as well. The monk seal is a symbol of the Mediterranean."




"The research and media vessel Aldebaran travels the oceans as the independent voice of the sea. On board, scientists and journalists are, literally, 'in the same boat'."


Our Story


Seems like no time since we first got round the table.
Look what's happened.

Our Volunteers

The funds received through the support of Switzerland for the Oceans has... reinforced the protection of the critically endangered Mediterranean Monk seal around the island of Gyaros, Greece. It has strengthened the work of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, for the conservation of this safe haven, sheltering the densest population of
Monk seals in the world.
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Bernard Fautrier
Chargé de missions auprès du Ministre d'Etat

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation